Google CS First Taster workshops


Date & Time :  Wednesday, November 15th, 9am to 4pm.

Location : Loretto College, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath.

Event : Google CS First Taster workshops

Google CS first taster workshops are based on real world themes and aim to engage students of varying interests – Storytelling, Fashion & Design, Sports, Animation , Art, Music & Sound, Game Design, Friends and Social Media.  With the help of their teachers , students can then further avail of the google online CS Education to develop their Computer Science skills. These workshops are now fully booked. 

Geological Survey of Ireland Workshops

Date & Time :  Wednesday, November 15th, 9am to 3pm.

Location : Cloneragh National School, Co. Laois.

Event : Geological Survey of Ireland Workshops

A series of workshops for all ages in primary school exploring the shape of the earth, simple fossils, different environments of the world and an introduction to water resources.

The Irish Science Teachers Association Senior Science Quiz Regional Round


Date & Time : Thursday, November 16th, 7 to 10pm

Location : Department of Nursing & Healthcare Building, East Campus, Athlone Institute of Technolgoy, Dublin Road, Athlone, Co. Westmeath.

Event : The Regional Round of The Irish Science Teachers Association Senior Science Quiz

This event is an ISTA members only event and the AIT contact is The regional rounds of this ISTA quiz will have questions drawn from chemistry, physics, biology syllabi and general scientific knowledge.



Fermented Foods

Date & Time : Wednesday, November 15th, 3 to 5pm.

Location : HTL Building, Main Campus, Athlone Institute of Technolgoy, Dublin Road, Athlone, Co. Westmeath.

Event : Fermented Foods

There is now a strong interest in probiotic foods and these talks aim to show how to create probiotic foods from simpler larder ingredients and highlight the possible benefits of these foods.Booking

The Ecology and Science of Rehabilitation of Bord na Mona Cutaway Peatlands

Date & Time : Tuesday November 14th, 6.30 to 7.30pm.

Location :Department of Life and Physical Sciences, Main Campus, Faculty of Science and Health, Athlone Institute of Technology, Dublin Road, Athlone, Co. Westmeath.

Event : The Ecology and Science of Rehabilitation of Bord na Mona Cutaway Peatlands

Irish bogs sustain a variety of flora and fauna and are listed in the Habitats Directive. Bord na Mona have begun an extensive rehabilitation of these bogs, aiming to rebuild the habitats and enhance wildlife. This presentation will share the science behind the development of biodiversity plans and bog rehabilitation. Booking

Go Fly A Kite – The Science of Flight

Date & Time : Friday November 17th, 9am to 2pm

Location : St Joseph’s National School, Tullamore, Co. Offaly.

Event : Go Fly A Kite – The Science of Flight

A series of workshops exploring the science of flight and kites and the opportunity to make some kites and fly them. A hands on experience of the science and engineering of flight.

Careers Workshop

Date & Time: Tuesday November 14th
Location: Athlone Community College, Athlone, Co. Westmeath.

Event: Careers Workshop

Careers workshop with Cpl and AIt exploring various study options and career choices in science, technology, engineering and maths. This event is now fully booked.

Poisons & Potions – Exploring Toxicology

Date & Time: Friday November 17th.

Location: Killina Presentation School, Rahan,  Tullamore, Co. Offaly.

Event: Exploring Toxicology

Exploring toxicology study and careers with science communicator Dr Craig Slattery. Toxicology is the study of poisons, drawing heavily on life and physical sciences, as well as being an applied practically-based subject. It’s not everything you might expect, many foods contain poisons and toxins. Bitter almonds, for example, contain traces of cyanide – the lethal dose for an adult is about 50 almonds, whereas a child would only need to consume 5-10 almonds. Fortunately, bitter almonds are heat-treated, removing the poisonous compounds and making them safe for consumption. Cherry pits, certain mushrooms, potatoes and rhubarb also contain toxins that could prove fatal if consumed in large amounts. This event is now fully booked.

Healthy Eating – myths, science and experiments

Date & Time: Wednesday November 15th

Location: Gallen Community School, Ferbane, Co. Offaly

Event: Nutrition and health workshop and citizen science project.

Workshop with UCD’s Food For Health Institute exploring the various nutrition myths that we encounter and also the science behind healthy eating. This will also include a Citizen Science project with students exploring sweetness and taste.

Mary Ward’s “Bog of Wonder”

Date & Time : Monday November 13th

Location: Banagher Community College, Banagher,  Co. Offaly.

Event: Film Screening, talk and discussion.

“Mary Ward’s Amazing Bog of Wonder” celebrates Ireland and Offaly’s scientific heritage. The mid-nineteenth century was a time of huge scientific advances and discoveries and the Victorians were expanding their visual imaginations to keep pace with the changing world. This project has extended and combined these visual discoveries, with macro-photography echoing Mary Ward’s microscope work, and combining these images with Zoetrope animation, that had been invented in the 1850’s.

The project has drawn inspiration from the Victorian idea of “Science as Performance”, combining old and new technologies, to produce an exciting celebration of the natural heritage of the bog, and the historical and scientific heritage of Mary Ward. This event is now fully booked.