Midlands Science Activities for Biodiversity Week

National Biodiversity Week takes place Friday 19th to Sunday 28th May. The focus of this week is to improve awareness of people’s national biodiversity, communicate its importance, educate, and motivate people to play their part in protection of their local environments.

Midlands Science works to improve the public’s interest in science and is running a series of guided biodiversity walks for primary schools, where participants will have the opportunity to explore and learn about the rich biodiversity that thrives within their local community.

These activities are supported by Gas Networks Ireland and Gráinne O’Reilly, Social Sustainability Manager commented “At Gas Networks Ireland, we have embraced our role in promoting the importance of biodiversity not only amongst our stakeholders, but also among our staff and the communities where we work. We are delighted to support this initiative fostering an interest in STEM and biodiversity in young people. Gas Networks Ireland are committed to the highest standards of environmental management and to proactively addressing the challenges of climate change. “
Criodán Ó Murchú, Science Outreach Executive with Midlands Science, detailed the importance of experiencing nature first-hand. “As the climate crisis continues, we need everyone within our localities to play their part in guaranteeing the future for all. We need educated and enthusiastic people of all ages to be equipped with the skills and combined with an affinity for the living world around us all.”

“We’re delighted to welcome these students from a number of schools in Co. Westmeath,” continued Ó Murchú, “including one of their Green Teams. They will gain valuable insights and practical tips on how they can contribute to conserving biodiversity, firstly in their own backyards, and then their wider environs.”

Over the past year, Midlands Science has grown its capacity and reach in science outreach events linked to biodiversity and ecology and CEO Jackie Gorman commented “we would encourage everyone to engage with biodiversity activities in their region this week and to continue that engagement throughout the year, valuing the vital role that biodiversity has in our lives. The recent Citizens Assembly on Biodiversity evidenced the strong interest people have in understanding and conserving the natural world and science has a vital role to play in this.”

More information can be found on www.biodiversityweek.ie. Contact information for Midlands Science can be found on www.midlandsscience.ie

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