STEM Heroes!

Positive role models for STEM subjects and careers

Our STEM Heroes/Ambassadors are volunteers who represent a wide range of STEM-related jobs and disciplines and they play a vital role in helping young people to understand why STEM subjects are so important. One of our primary objectives in Midlands Science is to increase the number of young people choosing STEM and in order to do so, we have been working with our network for many years to help engage more and more students each year. We regularly seek feedback and have proven evidence of the impact that STEM Ambassadors can have in increasing young peoples’ interest in STEM subjects.

Hearing from someone who works in a real STEM setting can make a real difference to a young person’s perception of STEM and future potential careers. We also hope that this will help to narrow the ever-present skills gap. This is a wonderful opportunity for Midlands Science to collaborate with a range of experts and refine our approaches for broadening the reach of science in society through new and innovative ways.

If you have the skills, enthusiasm and ability to be a positive role model for STEM subjects and careers, you can contact us about becoming a STEM ambassador. Together, we can work towards creating more awareness of science, technology, engineering and mathematics education and the opportunities that this world of opportunities that this can open up.