Join Phil Smyth in this mini-series as he explores bogs and peat lands in Ireland. He will be discussing how they form, where they are, what lives in them what lives on them and why they are important in terms of climate change and sustainability. With thanks to the Irish Peatlands Conservation Council. Supported by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

#1 This episode looks at what bogs are and why they are so important, it also includes using cabbage water as a universal indicator.

#2 This episode includes photosynthesis, the use of sphagnum moss for treating wounds in World War 1 and insect eating plants.

#3 This episode includes the viviparous lizard, how important water is to peatlands and what hares eat on the bog in winter.

#4 This episode is the last in the series, it looks at conservation, sustainability and what the future holds for Irish peatlands.