Bringing science to your classroom…

There was great excitement in Clonaslee, Co. Laois earlier this week when Declan Holmes of Science Ireland visited the pupils in the local national school for a full day of science fun, experiments and discovery. These interactive workshops are an ideal way to demonstrate to young children the diversity of science in an interactive and easy to understand way.

Jackie Gorman, CEO of Midlands Science commented

‘Science helps children to answer some really tough questions but delivering exciting workshops like this to schools enables us to make this happens in much more entertaining ways. It is so important for us to try to inspire the youngest of minds and to allow them to see science as something fun and interesting and not something that is too difficult or complicated. We were delighted to kick start our school outreach for 2020 this week and we are now fully booked for the remainder of the year which shows that the appetite for science in schools has really increased in recent times.’

More science education outreach is taking place in Midlands schools in the coming stop Westmeath!

Wildlife science with Dublin Zoo!

Watching excited young faces meeting some of the fantastic presenters and seeing them learn so many new things…these are some of our happiest memories from this year’s Midlands Science Festival. Science helps children to answer some really tough questions but Science Week itself enables us to make this happen in much more entertaining ways.

One of our key goals is to help primary school children understand that science is all around them, every day and in all kinds of ways. Science is a part of daily life from cooking and playing sports to watching the rain or enjoying the sunshine. This year we were delighted to welcome our friends from the outreach team from Dublin Zoo. Children learned about biofacts such as skulls, skins and other interesting specimens and explored the science of wildlife and conservation.

We want to encourage young pupils to collect information, ask more questions, observe and draw their own conclusions because science can really teach children to form their own opinions. It allows them to experiment and realize that not everything has to work out perfectly all the time. It makes them query how the world works, sparks ideas and helps them to find solutions to everyday problems in the most simplified of ways.



The Reptiles arrive in Longford!

Longford pupils were treated to a visit from the Reptile Zoo Village today in Ballymahon library as part of this years Midlands Sceince Festival and national Science Week. Scorpions, snakes, stick insects and their minders having been coming to the Midlands for the past few years to educate young pupils about science and it is always a huge hit!

Science performer Declan Holmes of Science Ireland also visited Longford this week for a unique show exploring everything from the science of rockets to vuvuzelas to Darth Vader’s voice. This took place in Longford County Library and was full of enthusiastic young students from surrounding areas.

We also had an inter-active workshop with artists Tina Claffey and Caroline Conway exploring the life and legacy of Mary Ward, one of Ireland’s first female scientists, earlier this week in Granard, Longford.

Superhero Science for Laois!

Dr. Barry Fitzgerald visited Portlaoise branch library this week and we were delighted to have him back for this years science festival where he delivered ‘secrets of superhero science’ workshops to Laois pupils .

Dr. Barry Fitzgerald is a superhero scientist, speaker, author, and enthusiastic science communicator. His research interests include particle processing, responsible innovation, science education, scientific outreach and communication, and superhero science. For the latter, Barry aims to identify the science and technology of today that could lead to superpowers tomorrow.

Barry is the author of the popular science books “Secrets of Superhero Science” and “Secret Science of Santa Claus”. His latest book “How to Build an Iron Man Suit” is out from October 2019.

Barry said, ‘I first presented workshops as part of Science Week in 2015 and am delighted to be back in the Midlands to celebrate science again this year. Several science themed events will take place around the country this November, providing a wonderful opportunity to explore and learn about the world of science and technology that surrounds us and there really is something for people of all ages. It is a really valuable platform for researchers and those working in scientific communication to encourage the next generation to consider science as a subject and future career option and an opportunity to inspire young people to engage with science in a fun and exciting way. ‘

Foodoppi Fun-Filled Day!

It really was science fun madness in Offaly County Library, Tullamore today for Foodoppi’s Molecular Gastronomy Live Event!

TV Chefs and food educators Louise Lennox and Aisling Larkin of Foodoppi  expertly presented shows exploring food and it was exciting, fun and  fast-paced and gave the young audiences an opportunity to see food become experiments you can eat! The show directly links to the primary science curriculum integrating learning objectives from sections such as Living Things, Energy and Force and Materials and Change. Louise Lennox is one of Ireland’s leading chefs, broadcasters and food writers. Having featured in a number of popular television and radio shows for over 15 years, she is best known as the chef who is “full of personality” from the hit television series, The Restaurant. Aisling Larkin is tv chef, a busy mum of 3, food media broadcaster, feeding and mindful eating coach. Aisling appears each week on Virgin Media One’s Six O Clock Show teaching the nation her creative and functional & umami filled family-friendly recipes.

The smiles say it all!

The Midlands Science Festival is a real celebration of science and features something for everyone to enjoy.

We are delighted to be in our seventh year with the festival and in planning this year’s programme, we secured some really new and different events and activities as well as bringing back some favourites from previous years, like the ever popular reptiles and dinosaurs.

As always we have partnered with a number of organisations including all Midlands libraries to create opportunities which aim to excite students about science. It always makes such a difference to see children enjoying the science bit as well as watching them getting curious and asking lots of questions. We were at one event today in a school and it was wonderful to hear so many of the pupils talking about the Discovery day that their parents had taken them to at the weekend which shows that word is spreading and people are becoming all the more aware that science really is everywhere 🙂

Remember you can contact us about science events during the rest of the year too! We will come to you!

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From Rockets to Sustainability!

We were thrilled to welcome renowned science performer Declan Holmes of Science Ireland back to the region today for a unique show exploring everything from the science of rockets to vuvuzelas to Darth Vader’s voice. Three shows took place in Longford Library today and the feedback has been great.

Jackie Gorman said,

‘The science festival is a real celebration of science and features something for everyone to enjoy. The Rediscovery Centre workshops also returned to the Midlands today and children in Laois learned about a whole range of science and environmental topics. This fun and engaging workshop is being provided by an organisation who are focused on the science of sustainability in our communities.



Let the Westmeath Science Fun begin!

We have lots happening across the region this week and some of the highlights include STEM career workshops in Mullingar, Harry Potter science fun, Chernobyl exploration, Google Computer Science workshops in association with Camara in Athlone and Google Applied Digital Skills workshops in Mullingar.

Mae McLynn of Athlone Library said,

‘We are really pleased to once again team up with Midlands Science to provide a number of exciting events in Westmeath Libraries during Science Week 2019. We place a lot of focus on outreach in the local community-  it is really important that we provide services and resources to people of all ages through education programmes, interactive workshops and events which make the library accessible to everyone. The Midlands Science Festival provides plenty of opportunities for this across the region. This year we are looking forward to hosting ‘Travels in Chernobyl’ on November 12th at 6.30pm in Athlone Library. This explores the accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant which took place on April 26th, 1986. We are also anticipating a magical  day on November 13th in Athlone Library as we introduce school children to  ‘The Science of Harry Potter There are lots of other events taking place so check out more details on how you can celebrate science this November.’

Anyone 4 Science in the Midlands?

Christine Campbell from Anyone 4 Science has been coming to the region for the past few years during Science Week to provide a range of different fun, hands-on science, engineering and maths activities for local students of all ages. We were delighted to see Christine in the region again this week for our open Discovery day which was held in Tullamore as part of the annual Midlands Science Festival.

Christine patiently explained and demonstrated to children who came in their droves, how to make their own ice-cream. And the best part was; the eating of it afterwards. So many children told us all about the ingredients that were needed and talked about how they were going to make their own ice-cream from now on!!

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The Reptiles Return!

We were delighted to welcome back our friends from the Reptile Zoo Village for this years Midlands Science Festival. People of all ages had the opportunity to meet stick insects, scorpions and snakes and more! We believe this is a wonderful way to show young people just how diverse science can actually be and at the same time they are learning and enjoying the diversity of it all and maybe even facing some fear! Our friendly presenters were professional and patient as always and we would encourage everyone to visit them if  you want to know what a snake really feels like or how a chameleon catches it’s prey…. Reptile Village Zoo, Ireland’s only reptile zoo is the place to be! With over 100 different animals and more than 50 species on display, from Alligators to Tortosie and Toads to Pythons, there is something for everyone. #stem #believeinscience