10th anniversary of world’s largest Maths festival

More than 250,000 students and adults will have taken part in at least one Maths Week event before it ends on Oc tober 18th..

Maths Week is an all-Ireland effort to raise interest in mathematics and show people, that the subject isn’t as difficult as it sometimes seems.

Maths-related events will take place across the country this week for the 10th anniversary of this festival of maths, involving all the academic institutes and many other companies and partners.

Keep an eye on the events page for some our own exciting maths related news and events during Science Week!

Come on Ireland!!

Great news for sports fans – It has been predicted by a skilled mathematician that Ireland are set to will beat France in their crucial rugby confrontation this weekend.

The professor believes it will be a close vic tory to Ireland and the prediction is all down to a bit of maths known as “Poisson Theory”

Prof Steve Humble of Newcastle University, ran the numbers twice to come up with a vic tory for the boys in green. We are really excited about this news and will be cheering and singing Ireland’s Call from the top of the roof tops on Sunday!

Source-The Irish Times

Stuck for rainy day activities?

DiceMaths is still viewed by many students as being one of the hardest subjects in school but something that really works as a way of helping to change that mindset is to expose children to maths in a more fun and interactive way. So why not combine learning with fun and try out some maths games with your child the next time you are looking for something to entertain them with on a wet day?

It doesn’t have to be complicated – Use simple materials such as used butter boxes and but tons and see how immersed your younger children will become in this simple yet enjoyable activity while learning how to count. Or for the ones that are a little older, why not try some of the old favourites such as Ludo or Monopoly Junior. Playing these games, children don’t even realise that they are learning something valuable that will help them later in life.

We are working with a number of schools in the Midlands who have recently decided to try out the Canadian ‘JUMP Maths’ Programme. JUMP Maths (Junior Undiscovered Math Prodigies), is a charitable organisation which focuses on new and more innovative ways to educate young people about maths. With origins in Canada, its mission is to encourage a love and understanding of maths in students and educa tors. The JUMP Maths philosophy is founded upon a belief that all children can be led to think mathematically, even if they may harbour some innate anxiety around it.  Many students face unnecessary fears when it comes to learning maths but the positive feedback we have had from teaching staff involved in the delivery of JUMP locally indicates that the programme is really helping to res tore confidence in students!

Anything that combines STEM and learning with fun gets our vote 🙂