Community working together for climate action

We would like to thank the Rotary Club in Tullamore for their help and support in distributing over 1000 trees for Science Week..working in partnership, we can all do our bit for climate action. #climatechange #believeinscience



Whirling into Wednesday!!

It’s Wednesday so it’s the science of water with Waterways Ireland, Life sciences career talks, distributing 1000 trees and the fantastic Science of Harry Potter workshops. There will be no foolish wand-waving or silly incantations in this class. As such, I don’t expect many of you to appreciate the subtle science and exact art that is potion-making !! #science #scienceweek #believeinsciende

Climate Change Film Launch

We were so excited and proud today to attend the launch of the co-created film which students in Tullamore College on having been working so hard on since September.

Midlands Science Chairperson, Dr Craig Slattery of UCD congratulated the students involved on their work and introduced the film which explores climate change and the action that is needed. The focus for Science Week 2019 is on climate action – providing accurate, scientific context to the current state of the world’s changing climate and the actions needed to mitigate this change.

This film features a number of corporate and academic interviews and the final piece is so impressive.

Congratulations to everyone involved!


Foodoppi Fun-Filled Day!

It really was science fun madness in Offaly County Library, Tullamore today for Foodoppi’s Molecular Gastronomy Live Event!

TV Chefs and food educators Louise Lennox and Aisling Larkin of Foodoppi  expertly presented shows exploring food and it was exciting, fun and  fast-paced and gave the young audiences an opportunity to see food become experiments you can eat! The show directly links to the primary science curriculum integrating learning objectives from sections such as Living Things, Energy and Force and Materials and Change. Louise Lennox is one of Ireland’s leading chefs, broadcasters and food writers. Having featured in a number of popular television and radio shows for over 15 years, she is best known as the chef who is “full of personality” from the hit television series, The Restaurant. Aisling Larkin is tv chef, a busy mum of 3, food media broadcaster, feeding and mindful eating coach. Aisling appears each week on Virgin Media One’s Six O Clock Show teaching the nation her creative and functional & umami filled family-friendly recipes.

Jazz Pharma Career Talks…

We were delighted to welcome Sean and Denis from Athlone based  company, Jazz Pharma to meet a group of senior cycle students in Tullamore today for a talk all around pharma careers. Feedback from students has been excellent and they are looking forward to another STEM careers talk already!

Jackie Gorman, Director of the Midlands Science Festival said,

‘ We are extremely committed to remaining focused on growing high level industry-education collaboration across the Midlands region in order to inspire the next generation of scientific and digital leaders. There is a real urgency to ensure that young people are getting the best type of careers advice possible and by taking it beyond the classroom into forums where students have the opportunity to hear from experts working in these fields, we hope that we are going in the right direction. The Midlands Science Festival provides plenty of stimulation for those who are undecided about their future career choices and will hopefully help people to make more informed decisions.’



The smiles say it all!

The Midlands Science Festival is a real celebration of science and features something for everyone to enjoy.

We are delighted to be in our seventh year with the festival and in planning this year’s programme, we secured some really new and different events and activities as well as bringing back some favourites from previous years, like the ever popular reptiles and dinosaurs.

As always we have partnered with a number of organisations including all Midlands libraries to create opportunities which aim to excite students about science. It always makes such a difference to see children enjoying the science bit as well as watching them getting curious and asking lots of questions. We were at one event today in a school and it was wonderful to hear so many of the pupils talking about the Discovery day that their parents had taken them to at the weekend which shows that word is spreading and people are becoming all the more aware that science really is everywhere 🙂

Remember you can contact us about science events during the rest of the year too! We will come to you!

#stem #believeinscience

Teamwork Tuesday!

Barry W. Fitzgerald, BW Science, author of Secret Science of Santa Claus & Secrets of Superhero Science.
photo: Bart van Overbeeke

It really is all go today across the Midlands for Science Week today! We are starting out in Tullamore for a careers talk with Jazz Pharma before heading to the library for our spectacular Foodoppi shows! Then we go across to the students in Tullamore College for some climate change science and we are really excited about that!

There is plenty happening in Laois also with Marty Jopsons ‘Invisible worlds’ show and ‘The Secrets of superhero science’ is also taking place today..Moving down to Longford we have Mary Wards’ World of Wonder;  an inter-active workshop with artists Tina Claffey and Caroline Conway exploring the life and legacy of Mary Ward, one of Ireland’s first female scientists.  And in Athlone, we ‘Travel to Chernobyl’ for a unique event which will explore the accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant which took place on April 26th, 1986.

#stem #believeinscience #science week


Making Physics Fun!

Dr Mindflip rolled into the Midlands on Saturday for Science Week and returned again today to some very lucky students in Co. Offaly! Dr MindFlip’s Ultimate Learning Experience has been made by a team of artists, filmmakers, scriptwriters, designers and scientists who describe it as a light-hearted and educational exploration into the laws of physics and science, created specifically for Science Week and it really is a physics outreach project with a difference!

Dan Nickstrom, team memeber, said,

‘Dr Mindflips Ultimate Learning Experience is designed to teach anyone about the wonders of physics in a fun and interactive way and it was amazing to see kids (and the big kids!) in the midlands really immersing themselves in topics that are often dismissed as being too complicated or difficult for the average person on the street.’

From Rockets to Sustainability!

We were thrilled to welcome renowned science performer Declan Holmes of Science Ireland back to the region today for a unique show exploring everything from the science of rockets to vuvuzelas to Darth Vader’s voice. Three shows took place in Longford Library today and the feedback has been great.

Jackie Gorman said,

‘The science festival is a real celebration of science and features something for everyone to enjoy. The Rediscovery Centre workshops also returned to the Midlands today and children in Laois learned about a whole range of science and environmental topics. This fun and engaging workshop is being provided by an organisation who are focused on the science of sustainability in our communities.



Monday Mayhem! From Physics to Fossills!

Today we are all over the Midlands with Science Week events… it’s time for volcanos, vuvuzelas, physics and ecology, Dr Mindflip’s Ultimate Learning Experience and Rediscovery Centre workshops. We are also pleased to welcome the Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI) back  for a series of workshops in St Joseph’s NS in Tullamore this year. GSI realises that our future lies in the hands of today’s young students so GSI engage in activities which are really relevant to today’s school goers, which may encourage children to consider a career in science or more specifically geoscience. Here is Siobhan in action today explaining and demonstrating in Offaly!

#scienceweek #believeinscience #science