Climate action and our Health

Niamh Shaw, Science Communicator in Residence at the Community Garden Abbeyleix 
Picture: Alf Harvey.

The very important issue of climate action links to the 2020 theme for Science Week of Choose our Future. While climate action might sometimes feel overwhelming and even cause some anxiety it is important that we try to find the middle ground and this starts with each one of us.

On last night’s #climateaction discussion with Dr. Niamh Shaw we learned about the topic of Climate action and our health, how to live more consciously and how if we can feel more connected to the environment, we may find more balance.
Prof Eric Morgan of Queen’s University Belfast spoke about the effects of climate change on animal health. We heard about the gift of nature and the power of healing in planting and the environment from Fr. Paddy Byrne and how we can achieve wonderful things through calmness, optimism and mother nature.
Eilish Fitzpatrick, of Blackhill Woods spoke about slowing our breathing and self-care and the ways in which we can all play our own individual roles in looking after our surrounding areas.
Midlands Science is delighted to be a partner to this local community project as part of Science Week as it really shows the impact an awareness of science can have on the choices we make.

Climate Action and Local Partnerships for Science Week

In a series of short videos exploring climate action on a local level, Dr Niamh Shaw meets people from diverse walks of life in ABBEYLEIX and surrounding areas who are concerned about climate change and undertaking actions every day in their community to make a difference.

This series of videos for Science Week Ireland is part of the Climate Action project, supported by Creative Ireland Laois as part of the Creative Ireland Programme (2017-2022) in partnership with Laois County Council, Abbeyleix Tidy Towns and Midlands Science.
We are exploring climate action in our community, share your thoughts and actions below #SenseofPlace #CreativeIreland #ClimateAction #Laois #scienceweek #believeinscience #GetNiamhToSpace


Climate Change Film Launch

We were so excited and proud today to attend the launch of the co-created film which students in Tullamore College on having been working so hard on since September.

Midlands Science Chairperson, Dr Craig Slattery of UCD congratulated the students involved on their work and introduced the film which explores climate change and the action that is needed. The focus for Science Week 2019 is on climate action – providing accurate, scientific context to the current state of the world’s changing climate and the actions needed to mitigate this change.

This film features a number of corporate and academic interviews and the final piece is so impressive.

Congratulations to everyone involved!