Midlands Science Announce Virtual Discovery Day for Science Week  

The Midlands Science Festival  takes place from November 7th to 15th as a week-long, immersive digital event as part of national Science Week and as part of the celebrations, Midlands Science will be offering an interactive, online community event to people of all ages. This event will take place on November 7th and will feature a wide range of interactive workshops, science fun, creative experiments and more. In a time of uncertainty, the Midlands Science  team is conscious that it is more important than ever to provide activities for our audiences to ensure that they keep learning about science in an accessible way.

CEO of Midlands Science, Jackie Gorman said,

“ Excitement is building for our upcoming family Discovery Day which would usually take place in a large venue but it will be different this year with all activities being experienced online. We are confident that this fun and informative event will not only inspire and encourage young minds to think about the many aspects of real-world science in new and different ways but we also hope that it will be a real treat for the whole family. Dale Treadwell’s Dinosaur Show, Anyone4Science, the Exploration Dome, The Reptile Zoo and Dr Mindflip’s Ultimate Learning Experience are just some of the wonderful activities that we have lined up for the day. More information including the full schedule and how to register will be announced in the coming days. This is a date in the diary which we look forward to every year. It is always so amazing to see the wonder in young faces and to watch as they realise that science is not just about wearing a lab coat but it can be seen in so many facets of our daily lives.”

Jessica Curtis, Senior Fund Manager, Rethink Ireland said,

“The theme of this years’ Science Week is ‘choose your future’ which is apt because when we chose to support Midlands Science we saw an exciting but fairly predictable future. Little did we know that we would have to learn so much about science with the onset of COVID 19 or that Midlands Science would have to create entire festivals and programmes online instead of in person! We are very proud to support these great innovators who have successfully pivoted their work and made science even more accessible and intriguing for their thousands of participants online.”

Jackie Gorman continued,

“This event is free so please do join us in celebrating the many wonders of science this November and keep an eye on www.midlandsscience.ie for more details and for information about our many other events for Science Week 2020.”


Exciting Events later this year with Popular Science Communicator

We are so pleased to announce that we will be working with Dr Niamh Shaw later this year, during Science Week 2020 and the annual Midlands Science Festival. Niamh is a performer, writer & communicator with 2 degrees in engineering & a PhD in science. Passionate about igniting peoples curiosity she explores crossovers in STEMart & communication to share the human story of science. We caught up with Niamh to find out more about what to expect from her upcoming work in the Midlands this year …

Niamh, we are so delighted that you will be coming to the Midlands region to work with us this year as we continue to spread the message that science is all around us in much in everyday life. I know it is too soon to provide the finer details of what will be involved but can you give us a little flavour of what your events are like and what people might be able to expect..


Firstly, I’m delighted to be a part of Midlands Science festival this year. You also curate such a wide variety of events that cater for all types of people. My events will all obviously be space-themed and shared with stories and videos about my own space adventures. While there are lots of facts in my events, they aren’t science shows and I’ve made them especially for people who feel that science isn’t really their cup of tea. So lots of videos, pictures and stories about space and designed for people of all ages and all interests.


With everyone at home during the current Coronavirus outbreak, are there any tips that you can give to young people to ensure they stay engaged in science learning, albeit in new and different ways?

Science is about analysis really isn’t it? It’s about gathering information and based on the facts, you can better understand something. So my best tip for people to stay engaged in science is to find ways of using your analysis-time brain around the house.

For instance, have you as a family made a daily schedule? if so, what’s on the schedule? Is it the most efficient use of your time? Is someone doing more work than the other? What are the shared tasks? Have you all agreed on the procedures for each task? Do you have a logging system? Can you analyse the schedule at the end of the day? Can it be improved? That’s science right there, everyone!

And if you want to get involved in a home activity, just go outside when its dark and look up! Can you see the moon? If not, why not? How many stars can you see? What are the brightest ones in the sky? Do you see any planets? If you want to know more about what you see in the night sky, there are tons of apps that can help teach you astronomy. The moon will soon be back in our night skies, the planet Venus will be with us a few more weeks and Mercury, Jupiter and Mars will be more visible in the weeks ahead. So much to see, even without a telescope. So just look up!


We have heard you have a very exciting life’s mission..can you tell us more?

I have devoted the rest of my life to get to space. I haven’t it all fully figured out just yet but that’s the best part!  I do know that in achieving this,  that I get to share stories about the adventure with all of you! I want to be the ‘normalnaut’ storyteller! And so far, I’ve shared a few of my adventures- like being on a simulated Mars mission in the middle of the desert in America, then I went to Star City in Moscow and took a zero-gravity flight to feel what microgravity (or weightlessness) feels like in the body (very strange, in short!). And other adventures too which I’ll share with you all at the festival in November.


You were also recently the co-recipient of a very special award, can you tell us what that meant to you and a little bit about what it was?

I was absolutely thrilled to be given an award from Science Foundation Ireland for my work in communicating STEM, in recognition for all the events and talks and writing that I do about space and science. That was pretty cool.


Hard to choose I know but can you share with us what is your favourite science fact ever?

That we are such a tiny species living on a tiny planet that orbits an insignificant star in the Milky Way galaxy, 100,000 light-years in diameter, one galaxy of hundreds of galaxies grouped together in a cluster, the Virgo Cluster, which is part of a supercluster of other clusters and that 55 superclusters make up everything we currently know about our visible Universe, the edge of which is 46.6 billion light-years away from us right now. And yet, we regularly propel 3 people regularly into space and keep them alive onboard the International Space Station and return them safely to earth. That we are incredibly tine in this vast Universe and yet, when people come together and work towards a shared goal, we can literally make the impossible possible. I love that.

Anything else coming up that you can share with us? We are really interested to know what you have been up to recently?

My book ‘Dream Big’ from Mercier Press (a memoir of sorts of the story so far in getting to space) came out in bookstores about 2 days before the first COVID restrictions hit the country. We still have to have the official launch for that, which will probably happen when the book stores re-open. I’ve been working with RTE’s Home School Hub and have contributed some space content for them, which has been a privilege. I am planning the next big space adventure which will hopefully be ready to roll out when the lockdown and restrictions begin to loosen up (whenever that will be). I should be working with the International Space University this summer on their graduate programme in Space Humanities activities.  And lots of online activities too.

Looking forward to meeting you all at Midlands Science Festival!



Bringing science to your classroom…

There was great excitement in Clonaslee, Co. Laois earlier this week when Declan Holmes of Science Ireland visited the pupils in the local national school for a full day of science fun, experiments and discovery. These interactive workshops are an ideal way to demonstrate to young children the diversity of science in an interactive and easy to understand way.

Jackie Gorman, CEO of Midlands Science commented

‘Science helps children to answer some really tough questions but delivering exciting workshops like this to schools enables us to make this happens in much more entertaining ways. It is so important for us to try to inspire the youngest of minds and to allow them to see science as something fun and interesting and not something that is too difficult or complicated. We were delighted to kick start our school outreach for 2020 this week and we are now fully booked for the remainder of the year which shows that the appetite for science in schools has really increased in recent times.’

More science education outreach is taking place in Midlands schools in the coming weeks..next stop Westmeath!

Monday Mayhem! From Physics to Fossills!

Today we are all over the Midlands with Science Week events… it’s time for volcanos, vuvuzelas, physics and ecology, Dr Mindflip’s Ultimate Learning Experience and Rediscovery Centre workshops. We are also pleased to welcome the Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI) back  for a series of workshops in St Joseph’s NS in Tullamore this year. GSI realises that our future lies in the hands of today’s young students so GSI engage in activities which are really relevant to today’s school goers, which may encourage children to consider a career in science or more specifically geoscience. Here is Siobhan in action today explaining and demonstrating in Offaly!

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Thank You!

Collaboration with our valued partners is at the heart of everything we do.

We would like to express our thanks once again to our sponsor Integra LifeSciences for their wonderful support of local science at this weekend’s Discovery Day and also a sincere word of thanks to Pauline McKenna of the Sacred Heart School in Tullamore for the use of the school’s fantastic facilities. It was an enormous help and we couldn’t have done it without you and all of the people who helped out to make the Discovery day a great success.


Exploring the Night Sky in Offaly

It was so much fun to see all of the faces as they entered and left the Exploration Dome at our recent Science Week Discovery Day. The Exploration Dome is Ireland’s most advanced digital mobile planetarium and Martin is always at hand to explain everything in detail and answer any questions people might have.

The Exploration Dome uses state of the art 360 degrees 3-D digital projection technology, stunning graphics and computer simulations to explain a wide variety of science subjects such as astronomy and there’s also an under the sea experience. This immersive and exciting experience is suitable for all age groups and each session lasts 30 minutes. We have had some fantastic feedback from adults and children alike so it was wonderful to see this event back in the midlands for this year’s festival.

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Discovering Science in Tullamore and beyond..

Thanks to the wonderful people of #tullamore – all 600 of you who came along and explored the International Space Station, handled tarantulas, made ice cream and made friends with dinosaurs. You were all truly amazing and we had such good fun and we can’t wait to do it all over again in 2020 !!

Huge thanks to Integra Lifesciences for encouraging such great interest in #stem for all ages through hands-on fun experiences.

The Discovery Day we held today is a wonderful opportunity for small science enthusiasts and their families to see what’s new and innovative in the world of science and technology. It is also the perfect chance for someone who is just tipping their toe into science for the first time to participate in  activities and live performances by science explorers, communicators and experts whose mission it is to educate, entertain, inform and inspire. We would also like to thank the staff of the Sacred Heart School for the use of their school facilities and for all their support and help in managing the delivery of this wonderful event to local people.

Jackie Gorman, Director of the Midlands Science Festival said,

‘Our Discovery Day really was a huge success today. We are delighted through support from Science Foundation Ireland and a number of key partnerships to be bringing a number of exciting science events to the Midlands again this year. We will be exploring everything from climate change to the science of Harry Potter, from bog bodies to quantum physics. Science Week is the essence of diversity. Science can help us understand what is happening and also provide us with the information to make different choices and pursue solutions in the future. We are delighted to again be working with partners such as the local heritage offices, local partnership companies and libraries.’

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