Applause for our Nursing Staff on World Health Day

Today is World Health Day and The World Health Organisation (WHO) has designated 2020 as the “Year of the Nurse and Midwife” in honour of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale and in recognition of her contribution to health and humanity.

Jackie Gorman, CEO of Midlands Science said,

‘The main focus of World Health Day this year is to celebrate the work of nurses and midwives and remind world leaders of the critical role they play in keeping the world healthy. Midlands Science would like to wholeheartedly join in this celebration of all nurses and other health workers who are in the frontline here in Ireland and especially those in our own region, in providing high quality, people-centered treatment and care during this global crisis. It has been wonderful to see the way communities have come together to thank and applaud our frontline staff in recent weeks. People in the beauty and haircare industries are organising care days for everyone involved when all of this has passed, shops and restaurants are preparing and delivering home cooked meals to hospital workers and others are offering to step in to provide childcare for those who are needed in frontline roles throughout this pandemic.’

Nursing Now, a global campaign to improve health by raising the status of nursing, launched in Ireland around this time last year. This worldwide campaign aims for the recognition of nurses’ contribution to healthcare, gender equality, wider society and improved economies. Its aims include greater investment in nursing and more nurses in leadership positions and there is no doubt that the invaluable contribution nurses make is certainly at the forefront at present as Covid19 continues to spread here in Ireland and worldwide.

Jackie Gorman continued,

‘Midlands Science works with many experts who in involved in the manufacture of critical medical equipment and also with wonderful medical staff who have often provided important advice for us various projects, funding applications and events. We wish to take this opportunity today on World Health Day to salute them all and sincerely thank them for the incredible work they are doing in healthcare delivery during this unprecedented and highly challenging time.’

Time to Quit!

Today we celebrate National No Smoking Day in Ireland. The purpose of No Smoking Day is to campaign for greater awareness about the health dangers associated with smoking. Smoking is banned fully in indoors workplaces, healthcare facilities, education facilities, public transport, enclosed public places, bars, and restaurants and according to statistics, public opinion is in favour on the bans on smoking so ‘No Smoking Day’ is part of a massive anti-tobacco campaign.

Here’s Jackie who works for Midlands Science with her mother Gladys who was a smoker. She gave them up over 40 years ago and is fine health and turns 83 this summer. She worked in Ericsson in Athlone and in this photo, she is holding a glass Viking she received from the company at the time, as an acknowledgement of her giving up smoking as part of the company’s healthy employeee campaign. She still talks about what a difference giving up smoking made to her life. Here’s a little about the #science of quitting smoking.