Science Communities Images

Science Communities was an outreach project run by Midlands Science that provided a way for people to understand the scientific process, explore how evidence is generated and how we can use a scientific mindset to make decisions in our lives. From this project we have developed 12 individual videos covering a range of topics including food, alcohol, mental health, medication, viruses, vaccines and health choices.

Dan - Science at Home

Science at Home is an ongoing series of videos developed in response to the first national lockdown in March 2020. Since then we have developed over 30 episodes covering a range of different topics including light, dinosaurs, rockets and biodiversity. These videos are available to schools across the country and we encourage teachers to use these in class with their students.

The Wonders of The Body

We have developed a new animated video series, The Wonders of the Body. These fun cartoons, produced by Panick Design, features fascinating facts for all ages on body parts such as the skin, the heart, the brain and much more. This series premiered during Science Week 2021, which is supported by Science Foundation Ireland. This series will be developed further and used in school outreach work, supported by Rethink Ireland.

The National Museum – Viking Videos

Learn all about the Vikings and the role of Science in Archaeology through these free videos created by the Education and Outreach Department at the National Museum of Ireland. There are four videos in total. One video is about the Museum and the use of science in archaeology, another is all about the Vikings in Ireland, and a third is about the Vikings expansion and activity in the Midlands in Ireland. The fourth video is a word game, in which you must figure out the missing letters to each of the names of the replica Viking artefacts.


Join Phil Smyth in this mini-series as he explores bogs and peat lands in Ireland. He will be discussing how they form, where they are, what lives in them what lives on them and why they are important in terms of climate change and sustainability. Episode 1 looks at what bogs are and why they are so important, episode 2 includes photosynthesis, episode 3 includes the viviparous lizard, how important water is to peatlands and episode 4 looks at conservation, sustainability and what the future holds for Irish peatlands.

The Fibonnacci Sequence - Mathematical Moments Videos

Join Dr. Aisling Twohill as she explores all things maths! Picture-books are a great way to introduce maths concepts in a child-centred way, and two of the videos will develop children’s ideas around spatial relations and fractions through the stories of ‘Winnie the Witch’ and ‘Mama Panya’s Pancakes’. For older children and adults, we will focus two videos on the stories of the His tory of Number and Fibonacci and with these, we will explore concepts such as sequences, place value and the historical connections of mathematics.