Letting Nature have its way!

Each year, during the last week of August, local community organisations participate in National Heritage Week which is coordinated by The Heritage Council and its main aim is to promote awareness and facilitate education about our national and regional cultural heritage.

Midlands Science works closely with some of the heritage offices here in the Midlands and in particular we would like to thank Catherine Casey, Heritage Officer for Laois County Council who is always on hand to help us brains torm new and innovative ideas and also to support and enable a number of Midlands Science Festival events to take place across Co. Laois.

This year National Heritage Week will be celebrating the diversity of Ireland’s nature. Over the past five years our own science festival has also tried to take on an element of encouraging people of all ages to get outside and experience science and nature for themselves. By getting organisations such as Waterways Ireland, Laois County Council, Irish Wildlife Trust and Clara Bog Visi tors Centre on board we have been able to celebrate nature and all it has to offer while at the same time promoting the fact that science is all around us.

Best wishes to National Heritage Week. We are looking forward to junior nature pho tography competitions, some exciting discovery walks, bee keeping displays and a little bit of bird and bat watching!

Check out the programme for yourself on http://www.heritageweek.ie/whats-on/ and find out what is happening in your local area from today and all week!