Mary Ward’s “Bog of Wonder”

Date & Time : Monday November 13th

Location: Banagher Community College, Banagher,  Co. Offaly.

Event: Film Screening, talk and discussion.

“Mary Ward’s Amazing Bog of Wonder” celebrates Ireland and Offaly’s scientific heritage. The mid-nineteenth century was a time of huge scientific advances and discoveries and the Vic torians were expanding their visual imaginations to keep pace with the changing world. This project has extended and combined these visual discoveries, with macro-pho tography echoing Mary Ward’s microscope work, and combining these images with Zoetrope animation, that had been invented in the 1850’s.

The project has drawn inspiration from the Vic torian idea of “Science as Performance”, combining old and new technologies, to produce an exciting celebration of the natural heritage of the bog, and the his torical and scientific heritage of Mary Ward. This event is now fully booked.