Maths for Fun!

legoThere have been many occasions in my house where we have used Lego to help us to learn our maths. Aside from using it for fun and creative play, we have used it for counting, subtracting, sorting, greater than and less than tasks and loads more! Often it is the most simple things that you find lying around the house or in your playroom that can be used in more ways than you could imagine.

As children get older and start to look at problem solving and more difficult maths tasks, Lego can be used once again as a way to explain things and work things out in a different way. You can also use it to build numbers on a base, for estimation, guess work, for fractions using different coloured bricks and for ratio..the possibilities are endless!

Get your box of colourful bricks out the next time maths homework poses a difficulty. You would be surprised how quickly you might be able to help a young child to understand the task more easily!