Drugs of Abuse in 21st Century Ireland – Science, Society & Solutions

The Midlands Science Festival this year will be exploring drugs of abuse in Ireland with a focus on science, society and solutions. With the Citizens Assembly on Drugs Use currently underway in Ireland, this special Science Week event is a timely opportunity to learn more about the scientific and societal issues that drugs and drug use raise. Join us to discuss and debate these important issues as they relate to individuals, families, our communities and wider Irish society.

Our panel of speakers includes:

Dr Richard Maguire, Principal Analyst, Medical Bureau of Road Safety and formerly of the National Drug Treatment Centre

Sean Kinsella, Health And Wellness Coach with SK Life Balance and leading advocate for the Peter McVerry Trust, an expert by experience. He has also undertaken work the Irish Prison Service.

The event will be hosted by leading science communicator and toxicologist Dr Craig Slattery of UCD, on behalf of Midlands Science.

In developing this event, Midlands Science has put a strong focus on both the science of this issue and the lived experience of people. One of our speakers Sean Kinsella is empowering lives through lived experience. With a profound history of overcoming adversity, Sean has emerged as a passionate advocate for personal transformation and growth.

His journey began with a background in sports coaching and management, where he honed his leadership skills and commitment to empowering others. Sean’s unique path led him to work closely with individuals in addiction recovery, prison rehabilitation, and homelessness services.

Today, Sean is the founder of SK Life Balance, a wellness and coaching platform that leverages his journey to motivate and guide individuals towards healthier, happier lives. His engaging motivational talks have resonated with audiences in youth clubs, prisons, and treatment centres, providing hope and inspiration to those facing their own challenges.

Sean’s dedication to community engagement, combined with his love for outdoor pursuits and commitment to personal development, forms the foundation of his work. Whether he’s delivering workshops, coaching sessions, or sharing his story, Sean’s authentic and relatable approach fosters lasting change. His journey of resilience and transformation exemplifies the incredible potential within each of us to rise above life’s obstacles and emerge stronger, happier, and more fulfilled.

Come along to this unique event in Tullamore explore the issues around drugs use and abuse and how it affects us all and how can address these issues through science in our society.