Minding our Minds – World Mental Health Day

Today marks annual World Mental Health Day which has the overall objective of raising awareness of mental health issues around the world. The day is an opportunity to focus on the increasing need to heighten efforts in support of mental health and to make mental health care a reality for people worldwide.

The Midlands Science Festival has held a number of events for schools and the public in past years around this subject and we feel it is so important to play our part in ensuring that people know they are not alone and know where they can access supports.

Just last year we were delighted to welcome clinical psychologist, Dr Eddie Murphy to the region where he spoke to a vast number of secondary students (pho to) and also the general public at a separate event all about the science of mental fitness.

The aim with this event was to provide people with a practical toolkit for managing life’s challenges, exploring methods for building up and maintaining mental fitness and a positive outlook. Understanding and tackling the roots to powerful emotions and what keeps them going can free you to live a life away from negativity to one that is focused and positive.

Other events which looked at the science of the mind included some fascinating talks from Professor and chair of Psychology at NUI Galway, Dr Gary Donohoe. Gary is clinically active in mental health service delivery and has addressed public audiences at our festivals on topics such as how the brain works. We look forward to more future similar events as we all work together to promote the importance of mental health and looking after our minds.