Mobile Planetarium Comes to the Region!

dome pic

We are so excited to announced that the Exploration Dome is coming the festival this year promising some lucky pupils fantastic interactive astronomy journey right on their own doorstep! The mobile planetarium dome is 6 metres in diameter and can sit up to 45 children. It is very easy to set up and take down and has a vertical zippered doorway for entry and exit without crawling or squeezing!


The shows starts with an introduction to Astronomy followed by a full dome film with various different subjects such as earth science, Maths and Astronomy. It can be difficult for young children to take in lots of information around these types of subjects but the Exploration Dome makes it fun and keeps children engaged. They will see all the planets in the Solar System, the North star, learn lots of facts such as the closest planet to the sun is Mercury or planets that scientists say are no longer a planet!

The planetarium ensures everyone is given the opportunity to learn all about space and science in a fantastic, fun and safe educational environment. We cant wait for this one!