Science Communities was an outreach project run by Midlands Science in late 2021 that was funded by Science Foundation Ireland. Through a series of public forums, it provided a way for people to understand the scientific process, explore how evidence is generated and how we can use a scientific mindset to make decisions in our lives. We have taken this series of forums and developed 12 individual videos covering a range of topics including food, alcohol, mental health, medication, viruses, vaccines and health choices. These 12 videos are suitable for TY students, students in senior cycle and members of the general public. This project looked at four main areas; Science Communication, Food and Alcohol, Viruses and Vaccines and Medicines and Health. Each of these areas is explored in depth by three individual speakers. Click Here for a workbook to go along with each video, with descriptions and discussion points to help teachers easily integrate these videos into a lesson plan.

Video 1 – Scientific Communication and Science in the Media

Video 2 – What are conspiracy theories and why do people believe in them?

Video 3 – Scientific Evidence and Scientific Sources

Video 4 – The regulations behind food labelling and food marketing

Video 5 – Bittersweet: Is sugar causing you harm?

Video 6 – Alcohol use, harm and policy in Ireland

Video 7 – Winning the War Against Covid-19

Video 8 – Covid-19: Are we there yet?

Video 9 – Wrestling with Vaccine Hesitancy

Video 10 – Cell Culture Research: A birds eye view of what happens in a Laboratory

Video 11 – How does a medicine get a licence: who to trust and why?

Video 12 – Positive Psychology and Health