As an organisation, our ambition is to become the leading model of inclusive, impactful and innovative STEM outreach in Ireland.

One of the key issues our sector faces, is the difficulty in measuring the real impact of our activities. When we have activities, it is truly wonderful to see that people enjoy them, but we often ask if this impacts our community in a lasting way.

Answering this question isn’t easy, which is why we’ve had lots of training over the years in inclusion, impact and innovation. But we were still seeking more depth.

So we developed our own Science Impact Measurement study! The live results will begin to show as data comes in. Check back regularly to see how it grows.

Demographic Results

In this section we break down respondents demographic details.

Do you feel included?

Here we investigate if you feel included in science using a number of metrics.

Is science a part of your life?

Have you ever thought about whether and how science is linked to your life? This part of our dashboard looks at the connection between your world and science.

We are very excited to find out more about how science communication can reach more people and inspire communities. Check back for more updates here.