Seeking Science Communicators!

For the past five year, the Midlands Science Festival team has been working with science engagement professionals to help us reach new audiences, improve how we carry out our work and continue to promote science as a critical part of culture and society.

Every year we try to find and build relationships with people who are interested in having or facilitating conversations about science and highlighting just how much it is a part of everyday life. Science communicators help shape our thinking. They help us to make science more accessible, help us to come up with new and innovative ways to spread science stories and they often introduce us to a more diverse range of new networking and learning opportunities across the different sectors of science communication and engagement.

Our events are for all people of all ages involved and interested in conversations about science, whether you are a scientist who does science communication as a part of your job, a volunteer, or a full-time professional in science communication and public engagement. If you would like to talk to us about getting involved in some of the work we do please get in touch and we look forward to hearing from you.