Share your first Science adventures for National Heritage Week!

To mark National Heritage Week 2020 in the Midlands region, Midlands Science is calling on primary school pupils to go on a journey of discovery and exploration, help us to celebrate the past and look to the future. The national theme this year for Heritage Week which will be taking place from 15-23rd August is ‘Heritage and Education: Learning from our Heritage’.

Midlands Science invites primary school pupils from 4th, 5th and 6th class to choose an issue or question in science, technology, engineering, math or health that interests them and submit a 150-word explanation that will engage and enlighten readers.

Jackie Gorman, CEO of Midlands Science said,

‘We want you to dive deep in to your memories and tell us about your first science adventures! We would love to hear about the first science related topic you remember learning in science or your favourite thing you learned in science. National Heritage Week celebrates all things heritage related. It brings together communities and cultural institutions, academics and young people to build awareness about the value of heritage and support its conservation. Through this competition we want to demonstrate the important link between science and heritage and to show that what you learn and discover in science today will be part of your personal future heritage and we hope it will lead to a lifetime of curiosity about the world around you.’

Applicants can submit artwork, pho tographs or s tories to illustrate the most memorable science event or lesson of your past. It could be a favourite science fact or explaining an experiment you’ve tried in school or at home and entries should be no more than 150 words. The most important thing is to choose something you are really interested in and something you enjoyed and will always remember.

Melanie McQuade, Heritage Officer for Westmeath County Council commented.

‘We are delighted to be working with Midlands Science again this year during National Heritage Week which helps to build awareness about the value of heritage and to support its conservation. In the midst of a global pandemic it can feel as though everything is on hold when really, we are living in a time that is now solidly a clear part of our future his tory. We hope that this year, during Heritage Week we can encourage a greater sense of awareness and appreciation of our heritage and shared culture and we invite as many young people as possible to partake in this competition which will hopefully serve as a reminder of all of the wonderful science related his tory that surrounds us in the Midlands and beyond.’

Need some inspiration?

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What is the longest snake in the world?

What did Marie Curie discover?


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Jackie Gorman continued,

‘We want to feature the inspirational voices of the next generation so all entries will be included on our site, celebrating science and its connection to heritage to show how important early experiences of science really are. We will have a number of book tokens for the some of the best entries from each class group.

Please include your name, email contact details and the class you are in. We wish all pupils the best of luck and all entries must be received by August 1st 2020.’