The Bubble Master Returns

D15192-0025Blowing bubbles is something that reminds everyone of their childhood and it is a pastime that just never gets old!

We are delighted to confirm that Steve Allman is joining us once again at this year’s Midlands Science Festival. We can’t wait to see ‘The Bubble Show’ in November where a lucky school will find out how to make their own bubble mixture, see what happens as bubbles are filled with smoke and watch on in awe as huge bubbles float over their heads.

Some Facts:
Why Do Bubbles Burst? Anything that fractures the fragile layer of water molecules can cause a bubble to burst. For example, a gust of wind or an object (like your finger) will easily cause a bubble to burst. Also, a bubble will burst if enough of the water molecules evaporate

Did you know that the best recipe for bubbles is 95% water, 4% glycerine, 1% fairy liquid

The biggest free-floating soap bubble ever blown was 105.4 cubic feet. It could have held 788 gallons of water!

Once again, this is evidence that science really is all around us! We are so excited about the Bubble Show and plan to take some really good pho tos to capture the magic of the event…Roll on Science Week!