The Earlier the Better…

D15192-0079We had great fun with Jonathan McCrea (Newstalk’s Futureproof/the Science Squad) and Professor Luke O’Neill (one of Irelands leading scientists) recently in the grounds of Trinity College Dublin for a Science Week pho to-shoot..
But when we actually think about it, this pho to really captures a lot of what Science Week is all about.  At the Midlands Science Festival, it is so important for us to try to inspire the youngest of minds and to allow them to see science as something fun and interesting and not something that is too difficult or complicated.

Young children are by nature very curious so the years of early childhood really are the perfect time to encourage a love of learning and especially a love for science. Always try to provide opportunities for your children to experience things in a hands-on way, increase their curiosity and see how much they will love it, as well as the time spent with you! My own love nothing more than a wander around the grounds of our local castle in their wellies or a family bike ride in Lough Boora where we happen to have a very special stargazing event this year!

Answer all of their little questions because children are constantly learning, as we should be too! Join us next week in celebrating science across the region, you never know what you might discover!