The Reptiles Return!

We were delighted to welcome back our friends from the Reptile Zoo Village for this years Midlands Science Festival. People of all ages had the opportunity to meet stick insects, scorpions and snakes and more! We believe this is a wonderful way to show young people just how diverse science can actually be and at the same time they are learning and enjoying the diversity of it all and maybe even facing some fear! Our friendly presenters were professional and patient as always and we would encourage everyone to visit them if  you want to know what a snake really feels like or how a chameleon catches it’s prey…. Reptile Village Zoo, Ireland’s only reptile zoo is the place to be! With over 100 different animals and more than 50 species on display, from Alliga tors to Tor tosie and Toads to Pythons, there is something for everyone. #stem #believeinscience