Time to Quit!

Today we celebrate National No Smoking Day in Ireland. The purpose of No Smoking Day is to campaign for greater awareness about the health dangers associated with smoking. Smoking is banned fully in indoors workplaces, healthcare facilities, education facilities, public transport, enclosed public places, bars, and restaurants and according to statistics, public opinion is in favour on the bans on smoking so ‘No Smoking Day’ is part of a massive anti-tobacco campaign.

Here’s Jackie who works for Midlands Science with her mother Gladys who was a smoker. She gave them up over 40 years ago and is fine health and turns 83 this summer. She worked in Ericsson in Athlone and in this photo, she is holding a glass Viking she received from the company at the time, as an acknowledgement of her giving up smoking as part of the company’s healthy employeee campaign. She still talks about what a difference giving up smoking made to her life. Here’s a little about the #science of quitting smoking.