What people say!

We love hearing the feedback and comments after your school or community has enjoyed one of our many science activities, talks and shows. It helps us to make improvements where necessary and we really do listen and try to tailor our events and reach as many people as we possibly can so all feedback is taken on board. If you have any comments, do get in touch.

Here is a flavour of some of the things people have told us recently..

I love that science is like a never-ending puzzle that you can continue to solve, it is a constant state of discovery and it gets more and more exciting over time.

After secondary school I would love to study for a Bachelor of Science degree in NUIG and then get a doctorate in a field of science.

I found the event today very useful as it made me justify my decision in pursuing a career in science and I got the chance to meet new people who have the same mind set as I do towards science.

You can encourage young people by giving them the opportunities to experience events like this and to nail home the fact that no matter what area of science you like that there is always a career possibility to be gotten from it.

After college I would like to either a science teacher or a forensic pathologist but after the talk today I would also be interested in being a medical detective.