Your Favourite Science Fact!

D15192-0025We are trying to build our collection of science facts in advance of ‘Science Week’ which takes place in November from the 9th to 16th.
We already have a number of great favourite science facts which were submitted by some of our key speakers such as the following :

– The human body has ten times more bacteria cells than human cells.
– A neutron star (what remains after a Super Nova) is so dense that a portion of it the size of a sugar cube would weigh as much as all of humanity
– In 1941, penicillin was first used to treat a bacterial infection in a human being. However, because there was such a small supply of penicillin available at the time, all of the patient’s urine was collected and the excreted penicillin was extracted from the urine and re-administered to the patient!

We would love to hear yours! Please contact us and tell us something really interesting about science. It can be anything science-related because science is all around us in so many aspects of every day life. We look forward to hearing from you…..

You can email: Gillian Maunsell –